Tiss’You Care for San Marino’s sport

Tiss’You enters an agreement with San Marino’s NOC

This morning, a cooperation agreement entered by San Marino’s National Olympic Committee (CONS) and Tiss’You Care was disclosed. Besides ensuring visibility to both parties, the agreement provides for the possibility to give support to athletes in terms of conditioning, prevention and rehabilitation.
NOC’s President, Mr. Gian Primo Giardi, explained: “This agreement is part of a project aiming at engaging cutting-edge partners in San Marino and Tiss’You, no doubt, is one of them”.
Marco Miniero and Paolo Fattori of Tiss’You underlined that this agreement will not simply guarantee funds to local sports activities. It will ensure concrete support to athletes through the supply of prevention, conditioning, up to rehabilitation services. They added: “We hope our activity will not be limited to conditioning and prevention services. If required, our centre can give complete assistance to athletes and allow them to go back to competitions after injuries as quickly as possible”.
The agreement was praised also by CONS’ Vice President, Mr. Christian Forcellini, and Secretary General, Mr. Eros Bologna, who highlighted that sport, prevention and health should go hand in hand.