Tiss’You at Ortho Center Meeting in Humanitas University

Presenting the “Regenerative Battle”


Tiss’You will show its medical devices for regenerative medicine at ORTHO Center Meeting, organized by Humanitas University in Rozzano (MI) on 22nd and 23rd February and directed by Prof. Maurilio Marcacci.

The most prestigious Italian orthopedics will be present at the conference, together with their colleagues from European to work and discuss together in high-level topics.

“In times when free and independent information on scientific innovations is increasingly difficult – wrote Prof. Marcacci in the presentation of this event – we decided to organize a conference that starting from the experience of professionals can offer a frank critical comparison of opinions and strategies”.


Tiss’You organized, within the event, on Friday 22nd, an innovative comparison on the key issues of regenerative medicine. Four doctors will compete in a “REGENERATIVE BATTLE” on the biological issues presenting the opportunities offered for the regeneration of cartilage and tendon.

The speakers will be Dr. Elizaveta Kon from Humanitas Milan (bone marrow concentrate), Dr. Laura De Girolamo from Galeazzi Milan (adipose tissue), Dr. Francesca De Caro from Humanitas Gavazzeni Bergamo (monocytes) and Dr. Laura Mazzucco from Alessandria hospital (PRP).

The referee and moderator of the challenge will be the bio-expert lawyer Stefano Fiorentino.

At the end of the Regenerative Battle, guests can meet the experts from Tiss’You to obtain further information on the products and technologies that the company provides.