New Lipocell publication for the treatment of osteoarthritis

There is a new article that demonstrates the safety and efficacy of Lipocell in the treatment of osteoarthritis. The research work, carried out by Dr. Marco Caforio and Prof. Carmelo Nobile, was published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine (I.F. 3.3) within the Special Issue “Recent Advances in Osteoarthritis Management and Regenerative Strategies”.

The study, approved by the ethics committee of the University of Calabria, recruited thirty patients who showed improvements in their symptoms of pain and loss of joint function after infiltration of purified autologous adipose tissue obtained with Lipocell, in association with arthroscopic lavage and debridement.



Lipocell now has three peer-reviewed papers demonstrating its efficacy in osteoarthritis treatment (see Castellarin et al., Bistolfi et al.).


Dr. Marco Caforio’s paper is available here.