New Lipocell clinical study in orthopedics

New Lipocell clinical study in orthopedics

We are proud to share a new clinical study on Lipocell, published by Dr. Gianluca Castellarin, orthopaedic surgeon expert in regenerative medicine.

The study shows the long-term benefits of Lipocell infiltration in patients with osteoarthritis. In particular, it shows the results on 92 patients (59 males, 33 females) with average age 52 and osteoarthritis grade II or II on the Outerbridge scale.

About pain symptoms, the patients show a 50% reduction already at the first follow-up at one month and, at one year later, an average value of 1 VAS scale point, which corresponds to a near absence of pain. According to the functionality, measured with the Womac questionnaire, patients recover significantly already at the first visit and maintain positive results for up to one year.

In some selected patients, the study also shows a control MRI scan where it was possible to observe a reduction, or even disappearance, of the peri-lesional subchondral edema and, in one case, also a reduction of the chondral lesion.

Lipocell is a medical device able to purify, directly in the operating room, the patient’s adipose tissue, naturally rich in mesenchymal stem cells. The product thus processed, according to minimal manipulation requirements, is able to release molecules useful for repairing damaged tissue and modulate inflammation, restoring the homeostatic balance of the joints and slowing osteoarthritic progression.

We thank all authors of the work and in particular Dr. Gianluca Castellarin for the care and sharing of the paper, which is available for a consultation below.


Castellarin G, Mosca S, Micera G, Moroni A. Intra-articular administration of purified autologous adipose tissue for knee osteoarthritis treatment. Minerva Ortop Traumatol 2020;71:93-7. DOI: 10.23736/S0394-3410.20.03976-4