From the operating rooms of Tiss’You Care Clinic a double surgery in worldwide streaming.

Last Sunday the operating rooms of Tiss’You Care Clinic hosted a live surgical procedures of the aesthetic surgeon Professor Carlo Gasperoni. He was assisted by Professor Marzia Salgarello and our staff. They carried out two simultaneous breast reduction and starting from 12 noon they were broadcast in live streaming worldwide. Professor Gasperoni Carlo has known throughout the world for his great experience in the plastic and aesthetic field, for this reason these two surgical procedures were followed by doctors and medical students from the United States of America, Japan and several European countries. there were over 50 people connected in streaming, and ten Italian doctors were in Tiss’You Care Clinic to follow the surgery from a dedicated conference Room.

The surgical procedures have been explained step by step in English by Professor Gasperoni who, in the meanwhile, answered to the questions of the public. Two surgery, recorded and edited in the previous days, by Dr. Angelo Trivisonno and Prof. Marco Klinger were broadcast before those “live” performance by Prof. Gasperoni.

During the break , Dr. Pozzi of Rimini has presented the prestigious scientific society ISAPS (International Society of Aestethic Plastic Surgery), and AICPE Italian Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association and (SICPRE Italian Society of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics). These societies have been the main sponsor of the event. This innovative method of communication and training share the same ideas and values of Tiss’You Care Clinic. Thanks to the qualified clinical staff and the high technological structure and medical device, Tiss’You Care Clinic can host a large-scale events. great satisfaction has been expressed by doctors, staff and learners at the end of the day.