Tiss’You in Cologne for IDS

The company exhibits its devices in the most important dental medicine meeting.

Tiss’You schedule is quite busy is March with international events: from 12th to 16th March, Tiss’You’s dental technology experts will be in Cologne for the IDS (International Dental Show), the biennial event for dental technology companies that records over 155,000 operators from 157 countries and 2305 companies from 59 countries.

IDS, a meeting occuring every two years, is a top-event for the wide range of exhibited products, welcoming dental professionals from all over the world.

Tiss’You, the first European Regenerative Company, while being in Germany for IDS exhibition, will also join the AAOS meeting in Las Vegas, the fair organized by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons dedicated to orthopaedics.



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Tiss’You travel to Las Vegas

The first European Regenerative Company exhibits to AAOS

After joining the two most important medical exhivition in the Middle East (AAEDC and Aarab Health in Dubai), it’s time for Tiss’You – the first Regenerative Company of Europe – to travel straight to the United States of America. From March 12th to 15th, managers and sales representatives from San Marino will partecipate to AAOS exhibition, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, in Las Vegas.


The goal is to grow contacts overseas with distributors and medical facilities to promote and commercialize medical devices designed and manufactured by Tiss’You that, with the headquarters in the United States in the upcoming months, will benefit the FDA certification (the equivalent of the CE mark for the USA).
The fair organized by AAOS is one of the most prestigious in the United States and certainly the best known overseas in the orthopedic field.


At the same time, Tiss’You’s dental technology professionals will be in Cologne for the IDS (International Dental Show), a biennial event, specific for dental technology companies – with over 155,000 operators from 157 countries and 2305 companies from 59 countries.

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A successful Regenerative Battle offered by Tiss’You

A new way to do scientific communication from our company at the Ortho Center Meeting of Humanitas University

Tiss’You showed its medical devices for regenerative medicine last weekend at the Ortho Center Meeting, organized by Humanitas University in Rozzano (MI) under the direction of Prof. Maurilio Marcacci.
The most famous Italian orthopedic surgeons partecipated in the prestigious conference with prestigious European doctors, discussing high-level topics in their field.
Tiss’You has organized on Friday 22nd, within the event, an innovative comparison on the key issues of regenerative medicine, a branch in which the company is highly specialized. Dr. Elizaveta Kon from Humanitas (Milan), Dr. Laura De Girolamo from Galeazzi (Milan), Dr. Francesca De Caro from Humanitas Gavazzeni (Bergamo), and Dr. Laura Mazzucco from the Hospital of Alessandria challenged each other in the first edition of the Regenerative Battle comparing the different opportunities to issue the topic of tissue regeneration: bone marrow concentrate, adipose tissue derivatives, peripheral blood mononuclear cells, and PRP. The lawyer Stefano Fiorentino was the moderator of the “battle”.
At the end of the event the participants obtained further information from Tiss’You experts, who were highly satisfactied for the success of this event.

Tiss’You at Ortho Center Meeting in Humanitas University

Presenting the “Regenerative Battle”


Tiss’You will show its medical devices for regenerative medicine at ORTHO Center Meeting, organized by Humanitas University in Rozzano (MI) on 22nd and 23rd February and directed by Prof. Maurilio Marcacci.

The most prestigious Italian orthopedics will be present at the conference, together with their colleagues from European to work and discuss together in high-level topics.

“In times when free and independent information on scientific innovations is increasingly difficult – wrote Prof. Marcacci in the presentation of this event – we decided to organize a conference that starting from the experience of professionals can offer a frank critical comparison of opinions and strategies”.


Tiss’You organized, within the event, on Friday 22nd, an innovative comparison on the key issues of regenerative medicine. Four doctors will compete in a “REGENERATIVE BATTLE” on the biological issues presenting the opportunities offered for the regeneration of cartilage and tendon.

The speakers will be Dr. Elizaveta Kon from Humanitas Milan (bone marrow concentrate), Dr. Laura De Girolamo from Galeazzi Milan (adipose tissue), Dr. Francesca De Caro from Humanitas Gavazzeni Bergamo (monocytes) and Dr. Laura Mazzucco from Alessandria hospital (PRP).

The referee and moderator of the challenge will be the bio-expert lawyer Stefano Fiorentino.

At the end of the Regenerative Battle, guests can meet the experts from Tiss’You to obtain further information on the products and technologies that the company provides.


PRP: Platelet-Rich Panacea? No, but…

What is really PRP? Why does it work and why is it so often used? Is there any risk in using it?

In order to answer these questions, we interviewed Dr. Laura Mazzucco, a biologist in charge of the Laboratory of Transfusion Medicine at Ospedale SS. Antonio e Biagio e Cesare Arrigo in Alessandria and a leading expert in the field of blood components for non-transfusion use and regenerative medicine. Mazzucco has always been an enthusiast of platelets. She was one of the first researchers who started to use platelet lysate, that is “platelet juice”, in her experiments to stimulate cell growth.

PRP is a widely spread biological therapy boasting consolidated results in scientific literature. As suggested by the acronym, it is platelet-rich plasma obtained from autologous blood (when donor and recipient coincide – editor’s note) through platelet concentration. The underlying rationale is to give patients their own molecules in order to foster balance in tissues damaged by traumas, such as muscle-tendon injuries, or by degenerative processes such as arthrosis. How does PRP work?

“PRP can give some relief because damaged tissues are affected by fibrosis since they lack such molecules. The supply of a whole group of molecules to that areas – which lack innervation, circulation and microcirculation – sometimes sets ideal conditions for cell re-homing. Sometimes people tell me: “you may obtain the same results without using PRP”. Yes, it’s highly probable, but it would take longer. PRP acts in a few-months’ time. After one year, the results may be the same but PRP acts in the short term”.

Dr. Mazzucco highlights the importance of the role played by doctors in making their diagnosis, the most important moment in patients’ treatment pathway. “I think that the attitude towards PRP is very positive. However, this choice should be a possibility. There shouldn’t be just one therapy. We have created pathways. A few patients come after first screening but most patients have already tried conventional therapies before they approach PRP. People suffering from eye diseases are likely to have PRP as their first choice since these treatments have very good effects on such illnesses. Actually, therapies based on autologous serum have been used for fifty years”.

Some people are questioning PRP usefulness since it has been used in similar ways for different illnesses but in Mazzucco’s opinion, this isn’t a good reason to discredit it. “This product was designed to be used in difficult, improbable cases such as extremely serious ulcers or pre-amputation ulcers in diabetes. Then, we started to ask for miracles from it but this is not a miraculous product. This product should be used as an adjuvant in clinical pathways. The problem with PRP is that it was deemed a panacea, but it isn’t”.I strongly believe in the use of PRP in different sectors. Our tissues contain cells which proved to have higher response to PRP than others but this is indeed a good product suitable for all uses”.

Nowadays, on the market, there are many different types of technology and we should distinguish between them according to quality criteria set by a specific law (DM of 2 November 2015, Annex X). “The differences are those we have already mentioned. Firstly, the number of concentrated platelets. We focused on this point to standardise the product and classify it. This aspect is not related to biological effectiveness but it is a standard. The National Blood Centre had to set a point of reference to classify various types of PRP. When the number of platelets was defined, we could not imagine that such a number of products would be put on the market. At that time, we used different names for the same thing: platelet-rich plasma. From there, one thing was added and then another… it’s like in cooking, a pinch of salt, a pinch of basil (laugh)… from there came all these products, which are very similar in terms of clinical aim. There is not much evidence that platelet concentrate is better than PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) or than leuko-PRP (platelet- and leukocyte-rich plasma).”

As for the future of PRP, is it possible that, in the following years, this therapy will develop into a “second-generation” PRP? “I often think about this. Surely, the second generation of PRP will be industrially made although I fear that there is no will to do it.

I believe that the industrialisation of PRP may be linked to homologous blood collection in order to obtain the product starting from derivatives and transfusion remnants. It is also possible to lyophilise PRP. I have one sample dating back to 2003 so I strongly believe in this method.

The strongest point of PRP is the fact that no side effects have been observed up to now. Probably, this world of factors in plasma and platelets is balanced. Any modification to concentration and industrialisation will require deep investigation. I’m not saying you can’t do it, but it will be difficult to make it as globally widespread as it is today. We haven’t seen such an interesting market yet”.


Omar Sabry

Tiss’You still blooms in the Middle East for AEEDC

The company joins the Dubai dental care exhibition

Tiss’You will exhibit its innovations at AAEDC, the Arab Dental Exhibition (AEEDC Dubai), the leading exhibition event with focus in dental medicine in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia – the second largest dental event in the world. “Education & Innovation Transfer” is the “leitmotiv” of this year and Tiss’You will be present to show SpheraH and Collygen medical devices for application in the dental world.

Every year, AEEDC Dubai brings together ten thousand people from dentistry field.

Among more than 4700 exhibiting companies with more than 2000 brands in 9 exhibition pavilions and 16 national pavilions of AEEDC Dubai Exhibition, Tiss’You is present – a pride for the Republic of San Marino and for whom gave rise to the project.

The AEEDC will open tomorrow 5th February  and will close on 9th February.

Tiss’You – a bloom in the Middle East

The company has shown its innovations at Arab Health in Dubai.

Tiss’You, the first European Regenerative Company based in Republic of San Marino partecipated at Arab Health, the international healthcare exhibition, held in Dubai World Trade Center.

Foreign market managers presented with great satisfaction company’s peculiarities to a high number of visitors, finalizing many contracts and agreement.

The latest innovations in the healthcare field have been presented to Arab Health for 44 years: electro-medical devices, medical devices, high-throughput surgery technologies, heart prosthesis, and moreover. Along with Tiss’You, there were another 4150 companies from over 68 countries in the world.

The goal of the exhibition is collect sellers and buyers, projects and producers, companies and doctors. Furthermore Arab Health hosted conventions, seminars, conferences and moments of training and leadership at the exhibition fair.

The aim of Tiss’You is to land in the Middle Eastern market with innovative and patented medical devices for surgery and regenerative medicine, but also to present the exciting and novel opportunity offered by Tiss’You Care clinic: medical tourism – something that is successfully developing all across Europe. Tiss’You’s mission in Dubai will continue on February 5th and 7th with AEEDC, a trade show dedicated to dental medicine specialists.

Tiss’You turns to Middle-Eastern market

San Marino’s company will exhibit its technology at the Arab Health in Dubai


From 28 to 31 January, Tiss’You, the first European Regenerative Company headquartered in the Republic of San Marino, will be at Arab Health, the international exhibition of medicine, medical devices and technology taking place at the World Trade Center of Dubai.

For 44 years, Arab Health has been displaying the latest innovations in the field of health and medicine (electromedical equipment and devices, as well as technology for surgery and prosthetics) in the heart of the Middle East.

Over 4,150 companies coming from 68 countries will be present.

The goal of this exhibition is to gather sellers and buyers, projects and manufacturers, companies and doctors. Besides the fair, Arab Health will host conventions, seminars and conferences, as well as training and leadership courses.

Tiss’You aims to enter an extremely appealing market, such as the Middle-Eastern one, with medical devices suitably designed and patented for surgery and regenerative medicine. Tiss’You’s agents and experts will explain the advantages and innovations introduced by devices such as LipoCell and MonoCytes or products as SpherHa and Collygen, besides the numerous opportunities offered by Tiss’You Care clinic and by the investigation centre in San Marino.