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Tiss’You for cartilage repair

At Ciceron Hotel in Rome, the “International Cartilage Regeneration & Joint Preservation Society (ICRS)” will present its Focus Meeting entitled “One Step Cartilage Repair”. The society has always been a promoter of the themes around cartilage repair, through the divulgation of the latest news from the world of medical research. This year, ICRS offers a complete overview of all possible “one-step” interventions for cartilage defects, from bone marrow stimulation to the latest news regarding orthobiologics and regenerative medicine.


Tiss’You joined ICRS bringing a talk on the scientific agenda, through Prof. Riccardo Ferracini (Genoa) and Dr. Ilaria Roato (Turin), entitled: “Regenerative Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis with Infusion of Low Manipulated Adipose Tissue”. This report will provide some preliminary data of the most recent studies in which the company is involved.


From the operating rooms of Tiss’You Care Clinic a double surgery in worldwide streaming.

Last Sunday the operating rooms of Tiss’You Care Clinic hosted a live surgical procedures of the aesthetic surgeon Professor Carlo Gasperoni. He was assisted by Professor Marzia Salgarello and our staff. They carried out two simultaneous breast reduction and starting from 12 noon they were broadcast in live streaming worldwide. Professor Gasperoni Carlo has known throughout the world for his great experience in the plastic and aesthetic field, for this reason these two surgical procedures were followed by doctors and medical students from the United States of America, Japan and several European countries. there were over 50 people connected in streaming, and ten Italian doctors were in Tiss’You Care Clinic to follow the surgery from a dedicated conference Room.

The surgical procedures have been explained step by step in English by Professor Gasperoni who, in the meanwhile, answered to the questions of the public. Two surgery, recorded and edited in the previous days, by Dr. Angelo Trivisonno and Prof. Marco Klinger were broadcast before those “live” performance by Prof. Gasperoni.

During the break , Dr. Pozzi of Rimini has presented the prestigious scientific society ISAPS (International Society of Aestethic Plastic Surgery), and AICPE Italian Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association and (SICPRE Italian Society of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics). These societies have been the main sponsor of the event. This innovative method of communication and training share the same ideas and values of Tiss’You Care Clinic. Thanks to the qualified clinical staff and the high technological structure and medical device, Tiss’You Care Clinic can host a large-scale events. great satisfaction has been expressed by doctors, staff and learners at the end of the day.

28th Isokinetic Medical Group Conference

During the 28th Isokinetic Medical Group Conference, we held a workshop entitled “Regenerative medicine and multimodal approach to prevent early osteoarthritis onset on late-career and former soccer players”. Our speakers Dr. Andrea Bruno1, Dr. Massimo De Donato1, and Dr. Elisabetta Tibalt2 presented different approaches to manage the trauma and the degeneration of cartilage that can occur in professional and amateur athletes investigating how to ameliorate quality life – not only in sports people – but also in the larger population of former players.

Dr. Andrea Bruno spoke about regenerative medicine approaches, which can be a conservative and preventive approach to avoid major surgeries. Regenerative medicine tools are autologous cell and tissue therapies and involve PRP, bone marrow concentrates, adipose tissue derivatives (rich in mesenchymal stem cells), and mononuclear cells. The latter, due to its minimal invasiveness, was taken as an example showing the good clinical outcome in a case-report of a former marathoner suffering of grade II primary osteoarthritis (abstract and case report available in attachment).

Sometimes surgery is necessary, for example in a cartilage defect of traumatic origin. Dr. Massimo De Donato spoke about cartilage defects treatment, showing the rationale and good results of subchondral stimulation such as microfractures – which are iatrogenic fractures in the cartilage to promove its repair – but evidencing also the existing limits. For this reason, he introduced the argument of II-generation microfractures, namely nanofractures, which are more precise and standard, avoiding subchondral compaction and ameliorating cartilage repair with native type-II collagen and glycosaminoglycans (abstract available in attachment).

Treatment is only one step in the path of healing. Dr. Elisabetta Tibalt spoke about an underestimated but fundamental topic: the preliminary education and rehabilitation program that a patient must face before and after a regenerative treatment. Even if little can be found in the scientific literature, there are several good recommendations, i.e. quadriceps strengthening and neuromuscular joint control in case of knee osteoarthritis. The first phase of a biological activity must go along with protection and joint activation programs. After that, a second phase of progressive loading and functional joint restoration must follow. When there is cartilage repair maturation, it’s time for activity restoration.


1Arthroscopic and Reconstructive Orthopedic Unit of the Knee, Head of unit: Dr. Enrico Arnaldi, Humanitas Research Hospital, Rozzano, Milan, Italy.

2ESW Therapy & Research Center, Rehabilitation Department, Head of unit: Dr. Stefano Respizzi, Humanitas Research Hospital, Rozzano, Milan, Italy

Tiss’You flies to London for the 28th Isokinetic Medical Group conference

During the last weeend of April, Wembley Stadium in London will host the 28th international Isokinetic conference dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries. To fuel the collaboration between the famous sports medical group and our company [LINK = https: //www.tissyou.com/tissyou-care-isokinetic-shake-hands/], Tiss’You will be an important sponsor of the event.

During this conference, the football-related medical community aims to interface with global sports to encourage the knowledge share and best practices to improve the health, athletic development and performance of athletes. With the scientific collaboration of ortopeadic surgeons and specialists from Istituto Clinico Humanitas, we will contribute with a workshop dedicated to the prevention and treatment of early osteoarthritis in end-carrer and former athletes; the symposium program and the possibility of booking a place are available below:


Tiss’You Care for San Marino’s sport

Tiss’You enters an agreement with San Marino’s NOC

This morning, a cooperation agreement entered by San Marino’s National Olympic Committee (CONS) and Tiss’You Care was disclosed. Besides ensuring visibility to both parties, the agreement provides for the possibility to give support to athletes in terms of conditioning, prevention and rehabilitation.
NOC’s President, Mr. Gian Primo Giardi, explained: “This agreement is part of a project aiming at engaging cutting-edge partners in San Marino and Tiss’You, no doubt, is one of them”.
Marco Miniero and Paolo Fattori of Tiss’You underlined that this agreement will not simply guarantee funds to local sports activities. It will ensure concrete support to athletes through the supply of prevention, conditioning, up to rehabilitation services. They added: “We hope our activity will not be limited to conditioning and prevention services. If required, our centre can give complete assistance to athletes and allow them to go back to competitions after injuries as quickly as possible”.
The agreement was praised also by CONS’ Vice President, Mr. Christian Forcellini, and Secretary General, Mr. Eros Bologna, who highlighted that sport, prevention and health should go hand in hand.


Tiss’You at Skill Lab in Amsterdam

Tiss’You is in Amsterdam.

The orthopedic surgeons Piergiorgio Pirani, Marco Trono, and Marco Fravisini partecipated at the inauguration of the Skill Lab in the Dutch city, where a unique course on robotic surgery was held with the aim to quickly activate the technology inside Tiss’You Care clinic in San Marino.
The representative of the robotic surgery service, Dr. Davide Bertolini, supported the initiative.
Looking at the same model of the Dutch center, Tiss’You Academy will be inaugurated by next summer.


Tiss’You in Cologne for IDS

The company exhibits its devices in the most important dental medicine meeting.

Tiss’You schedule is quite busy is March with international events: from 12th to 16th March, Tiss’You’s dental technology experts will be in Cologne for the IDS (International Dental Show), the biennial event for dental technology companies that records over 155,000 operators from 157 countries and 2305 companies from 59 countries.

IDS, a meeting occuring every two years, is a top-event for the wide range of exhibited products, welcoming dental professionals from all over the world.

Tiss’You, the first European Regenerative Company, while being in Germany for IDS exhibition, will also join the AAOS meeting in Las Vegas, the fair organized by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons dedicated to orthopaedics.



VISIT US @ Stand A028 – Hall 5.2

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Tiss’You travel to Las Vegas

The first European Regenerative Company exhibits to AAOS

After joining the two most important medical exhivition in the Middle East (AAEDC and Aarab Health in Dubai), it’s time for Tiss’You – the first Regenerative Company of Europe – to travel straight to the United States of America. From March 12th to 15th, managers and sales representatives from San Marino will partecipate to AAOS exhibition, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, in Las Vegas.


The goal is to grow contacts overseas with distributors and medical facilities to promote and commercialize medical devices designed and manufactured by Tiss’You that, with the headquarters in the United States in the upcoming months, will benefit the FDA certification (the equivalent of the CE mark for the USA).
The fair organized by AAOS is one of the most prestigious in the United States and certainly the best known overseas in the orthopedic field.


At the same time, Tiss’You’s dental technology professionals will be in Cologne for the IDS (International Dental Show), a biennial event, specific for dental technology companies – with over 155,000 operators from 157 countries and 2305 companies from 59 countries.

VISIT US @ booth number 6851



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A successful Regenerative Battle offered by Tiss’You

A new way to do scientific communication from our company at the Ortho Center Meeting of Humanitas University

Tiss’You showed its medical devices for regenerative medicine last weekend at the Ortho Center Meeting, organized by Humanitas University in Rozzano (MI) under the direction of Prof. Maurilio Marcacci.
The most famous Italian orthopedic surgeons partecipated in the prestigious conference with prestigious European doctors, discussing high-level topics in their field.
Tiss’You has organized on Friday 22nd, within the event, an innovative comparison on the key issues of regenerative medicine, a branch in which the company is highly specialized. Dr. Elizaveta Kon from Humanitas (Milan), Dr. Laura De Girolamo from Galeazzi (Milan), Dr. Francesca De Caro from Humanitas Gavazzeni (Bergamo), and Dr. Laura Mazzucco from the Hospital of Alessandria challenged each other in the first edition of the Regenerative Battle comparing the different opportunities to issue the topic of tissue regeneration: bone marrow concentrate, adipose tissue derivatives, peripheral blood mononuclear cells, and PRP. The lawyer Stefano Fiorentino was the moderator of the “battle”.
At the end of the event the participants obtained further information from Tiss’You experts, who were highly satisfactied for the success of this event.

Tiss’You Care & Isokinetic shake hands

Tiss’You Care, San Marino’s clinic which gives athletes opportunities provided by regenerative medicine, entered a fundamental agreement with Isokinetic, a leading international medical group in the prevention and treatment of sports injuries.

In the last 30 years, Isokinetic, a top-quality FIFA certified medical centre, has offered cutting edge solutions in sports medicine and orthopaedic rehabilitation by developing techniques and methods such has Green Rooms for biomechanical movement analysis and correction. Constant engagement in increasing awareness in this field has led Isokinetic to organise a yearly conference that gathers over 3,000 people from all around the world. The first meeting was held in 1992, and today it has become the most important international event in the field of Sports Medicine. The convention has taken place in famous venues such as Stamford Bridge Stadium, Barcelona’s Camp Nou and, this year, it will be at Wembley Stadium. For the 2019 edition, Tiss’You will organise an important workshop aiming at studying the application of regenerative medicine to athletes, an issue which has become primarily important worldwide.

Isokinetic chose Tiss’You Care as a partner for the surgical treatment of its patients since both groups share the same caring attitude towards their patients, who represent the focus of any treatment pathway. At a gala evening organised at the headquarters of Tiss’You Care in San Marino, the contract was signed.
Managers of both companies shook hands to enter an agreement stating that athletes who need surgery may have it in San Marino at Tiss’You Care’s clinic. Moreover, the agreement establishes that patients treated at Isokinetic may have infiltrations (of collagen or platelet-rich plasma) in San Marino, as well as take advantage of the important know-how made available by Tiss’You Regenerative Company.

Together, Tiss’You Care and Isokinetic will organise training courses and foster investigation in collaboration with the doctors of Tiss’You’s scientific board.
This cooperation will bring the best athletes to San Marino thus increasing the prestige of a country, which aims to reach a top-quality healthcare system thanks to engagement and teamwork with top-grade partners.