Tiss'You Regenerative Company

Lipocell adelante: training days for spanish doctors

Our spanish partner Viscobasic has brought in Italy a group of orthopedic professionals for a session of medical-scientific training about regenerative medicine. The doctors, who were coming from Barcelona, Vic, Alicante and Sabadell, visited our private clinical facility in San Marino to discuss about Lipocell, Monocytes, and Tiss’You upcoming projects. During the second day, the surgeons entered in the operating rooms of Ravenna in the Ravenna Medical Center, hosted by Prof. Maurizio Magnani who performed a series of Lipocell surgeries with a live demonstration.

The day ended with a visit of Dante Alighieri’s tomb and with great satisfaction both of our guests and ours – happy for the frequency of these educational activities.

Tiss’You c/o Barcellona

We have landed in the operating theaters of Barcellona, the cosmopolitan capital of Catalogne.
Inside the eminent “Centro Médico Teknon”, a medical oasis committed to private medicine, we assisted Dr. Antoni Fraguas Castany in some Lipocell procedures.
Dr. Antoni Fraguas Castany is an orthopedic traumatologist specialized in sport medicine and oncology. He supervises the “Arto Esport” orthopedic unit of Centro Médico Teknon, being a faculty member since its foundation in 1994, and he provides a service of high level and wide experience in the treatment of skeletal muscle diseases, exploiting instruments and innovations provided by the most recent biomedical research. We met him thanks to our partner ViscoBasic, a Spanish company specialized in articular pathology and regenerative medicine, with whom we started a path of ideal collaboration with overlapping objectives and philosophy.

Regenerative medicine training in Verona

Our bond with Intrafarma, a leading Turkish company in orthopedic regenerative medicine, is growing stronger. Thanks to the precious collaboration with Dr. Gianluca Castellarin, Director of the Center for Regenerative Medicine of the Medical Center Group in Veneto, we hosted six opinion leaders from Istanbul and Ankara in Verona. We organized a consensus meeting in which we discussed the scientific rationale of the use of fat in orthopedics and the clinical results that are emerging from the literature. The guests witnessed live Lipocell procedures performed by Dr. Castellarin, who now has a clinical experience of over 200 osteoarthritic patients treated with regenerative medicine.


Tiss’you meets Southeast Asia

Tiss’you has established a new important international alliance. During the Spring Festival of modern China, also known as Chinese New Year, we had the chance to host a delegation of Hong Kong sales representatives in our company, accompanied by Prof. William Cheng, opinion leader in Southeast-Asian orthopedics.

Tiss’you shows once again great attraction even overseas: we are not just dealing products, but we share the desire to grow together with strong partners willing to match our philosophy.