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  • Sometimes bone regeneration needs a little push

    Regenerative medicine aims to improve or restore the natural healing capacity of our body through external means. It is difficult for some tissues to trigger their reparative mechanisms, hampered by conditions such as the absence of oxygen and nutrients, a chronic inflammatory state, and a......

  • AMIC technique and collagen

    Cartilage tissue has a complex structure and absent vascularization, thus it has a poor regenerative capacity following trauma or consumption. The reparative response occurring with fibrosis condemns the cartilage to osteoarthritic degeneration. For the patient, all this translates into joint pain and limitation or blockage......

  • The value of collagen and the innovation of peptides

    Carried out by Ferdinand Magellan in 1520, the first circumnavigation of the globe ended with the dramatic loss of almost the entire crew due to scurvy. This disease presents catastrophic symptoms such as small and numerous bleedings caused by the fragility of blood vessels, failure......