Tiss’you is the true first European Regenerative Company, where research and development commit to every patients’ needs thanks to Tiss’You Care, the first health care facility with focus on regenerative medicine.

Tiss’ You

Laboratory of research, development, and productions of medical devices.

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Tiss’ You Care

Medical Centre of excellence for mini-invasive surgery combined with regenerative medicine.

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Tiss’ You Med

E-commerce platform for food supplements
and hyalyronic acid

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Find out Tiss’You products

  • LipoCell SEP1187
  • MonoCytes Orto
  • Skin
  • Easyal 2/ 4 ml Tiss You Biological Company
    Easyal – Hyaluronic acid
  • Formula Fast - Integratore alimentare Tiss'You
    Formula Fast
  • Formula Race Tiss'You
    Formula Race
  • Formula Kart

Latest news from Tiss’You

  • Tiss’You at Skill Lab in Amsterdam

    Tiss’You is in Amsterdam. The orthopedic surgeons Piergiorgio Pirani, Marco Trono, and Marco Fravisini partecipated at the inauguration of the Skill Lab in the Dutch city, where a unique course on robotic surgery was held with the aim to quickly activate the technology inside Tiss’You......

  • Tiss’You in Cologne for IDS

    The company exhibits its devices in the most important dental medicine meeting. Tiss’You schedule is quite busy is March with international events: from 12th to 16th March, Tiss’You’s dental technology experts will be in Cologne for the IDS (International Dental Show), the biennial event for......

  • Tiss’You travel to Las Vegas

    The first European Regenerative Company exhibits to AAOS After joining the two most important medical exhivition in the Middle East (AAEDC and Aarab Health in Dubai), it’s time for Tiss’You – the first Regenerative Company of Europe – to travel straight to the United States......