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  • New Lipocell clinical study in orthopedics

    We are proud to share a new clinical study on Lipocell, published by Dr. Gianluca Castellarin, orthopaedic surgeon expert in regenerative medicine. The study shows the long-term benefits of Lipocell infiltration in patients with osteoarthritis. In particular, it shows the results on 92 patients (59......

  • Stem cells and mesenchymal cells: Let’s make it clear

    There is a sentence I often hear when people talk about regenerative medicine: “It’s wrong to talk about stem cells, you have to say mesenchymal cells.” It’s claimed both by doctors and non-experts, but to understand how strange this phrase sounds, you should read the......

  • Lipocell Publication

    Please note our latest publication in the Special Issue entitled “Advances in Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering” by MDPI Processes magazine. In this last article, we characterized Lipocell from the cellular and histological point of view. The following paragraphs are technical hints dedicated to insiders;......