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Latest news from Tiss’You

  • The value of collagen and the innovation of peptides

    Carried out by Ferdinand Magellan in 1520, the first circumnavigation of the globe ended with the dramatic loss of almost the entire crew due to scurvy. This disease presents catastrophic symptoms such as small and numerous bleedings caused by the fragility of blood vessels, failure......

  • CE mark approval for Arthrys

    Tiss’You has obtained CE mark approval for Arthrys, a new medical device based on peptides derived from hydrolyzed collagen. Within the mission to always look for new and better solutions to help our body’s natural healing abilities, Tiss’You has developed Arthrys, a ready-to-use injectable solution......

  • New Lipocell clinical study in orthopedics

    We are proud to share a new clinical study on Lipocell, published by Dr. Gianluca Castellarin, orthopaedic surgeon expert in regenerative medicine. The study shows the long-term benefits of Lipocell infiltration in patients with osteoarthritis. In particular, it shows the results on 92 patients (59......