Tiss’You – Regenerative Company – researches and develops medical devices to upgrade your body’s natural healing ability.

Tiss’ You

Laboratory of research, development, and productions of medical devices.

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Tiss’ You Care

Medical Centre of excellence for mini-invasive surgery combined with regenerative medicine.

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Tiss’ You Med

E-commerce platform for food supplements
and hyalyronic acid

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  • LipoCell SEP1187
  • MonoCytes Orto
  • Skin
  • Easyal 2/ 4 ml Tiss You Biological Company
    Easyal – Hyaluronic acid
  • Formula Fast - Integratore alimentare Tiss'You
    Formula Fast
  • Formula Race Tiss'You
    Formula Race
  • Formula Kart

Latest news from Tiss’You

  • Fat is beautiful

    If there is something underestimated in our body, that is undoubtedly the fat (medical term: adipose tissue).  Large hips, swollen belly: people would love to remove fat from their bodies. Yet, for thousands of years, being overweight was a reason for admiration, a sign of......

  • Monocytes treatment for hip OA – Case Report

    The orthopaedic group led by Dr. Vincenzo Madonna at Humanitas Castelli in Bergamo has published a case report using our device Monocytes. Regenerative medicine is useful for treating damaged tissues through a minimally invasive approach. In this way, it is possible to prevent major surgeries, or......

  • Cartilage regeneration: myth or reality?

    Some animals can regenerate entire parts of their body with an inner ability that does not require external intervention. One example is the axolotl, a small salamander that lives in Xochimilco lake, in Mexico, which can regrow limbs, lungs, spinal cord and even parts of the brain......