Tiss’you is the true first European Regenerative Company, where research and development commit to every patients’ needs thanks to Tiss’You Care, the first health care facility with focus on regenerative medicine.

Tiss’ You

Laboratory of research, development, and productions of medical devices.

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Tiss’ You Care

Medical Centre of excellence for mini-invasive surgery combined with regenerative medicine.

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Tiss’ You Med

E-commerce platform for food supplements
and hyalyronic acid

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  • LipoCell SEP1187
  • MonoCytes Orto
  • Skin
  • Easyal 2/ 4 ml Tiss You Biological Company
    Easyal – Hyaluronic acid
  • Formula Fast - Integratore alimentare Tiss'You
    Formula Fast
  • Formula Race Tiss'You
    Formula Race
  • Formula Kart

Latest news from Tiss’You

  • Lipocell adelante: training days for spanish doctors

    Our spanish partner Viscobasic has brought in Italy a group of orthopedic professionals for a session of medical-scientific training about regenerative medicine. The doctors, who were coming from Barcelona, Vic, Alicante and Sabadell, visited our private clinical facility in San Marino to discuss about Lipocell,......

  • Tiss’You c/o Barcellona

    We have landed in the operating theaters of Barcellona, the cosmopolitan capital of Catalogne. Inside the eminent “Centro Médico Teknon”, a medical oasis committed to private medicine, we assisted Dr. Antoni Fraguas Castany in some Lipocell procedures. Dr. Antoni Fraguas Castany is an orthopedic traumatologist......

  • Regenerative medicine training in Verona

    Our bond with Intrafarma, a leading Turkish company in orthopedic regenerative medicine, is growing stronger. Thanks to the precious collaboration with Dr. Gianluca Castellarin, Director of the Center for Regenerative Medicine of the Medical Center Group in Veneto, we hosted six opinion leaders from Istanbul......